March 26, 2008

Who is Better on the Economy?

The male democrat presidential candidate (we all know his name, which I'm sick of) gave a speech today blasting John McCain when it comes to the ecomony.

As president, Obama said he will address the situation by reworking existing subprime loans into affordable long-term fixed loans, creating a foreclosure prevention fund, and cracking down on mortgage fraud and predatory lenders.

“John McCain may call helping struggling homeowners pandering, but I don’t think the families in North Carolina who are losing their homes would see it that way,” Obama said, referring to McCain's comment yesterday that he "will not play election year politics with the housing crisis."

Isn't promising government programs to solve the problems of all people playing election year politics? The male candidate plans on giving a "Major Economic Speech" tomorrow. I wonder what new socialist plans he's going to unleash this time.

If the male candidate mentions the problems with Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid I'll be shocked. Unless, that is, he talks about raising taxes on greedy corporations and rich people. That, and declaring defeat in Iraq are his economic solutions for everything. Come to think of it, there really isn't much difference between the male and the female Democrat candidates, is there?

I'm not a John McCain cheerleader, but at least he is not proposing to bail out delinquent borrowers with taxpayer money. He isn't out there promising free health care for everybody, knowing we can't afford the programs that are already in place.

Must Reads of the Day

Couldn't the candidates do a lot more good for poor people if they were to donate all of that campaign cash to help the needy?

Does anybody really care who the rest of the world wants as the next US president?

Client 9, AKA Eliot Spitzer, is in more hot water over the Troopergate scandal. For more NY news, check out this article on our new Luv Guv. Will we have another new Governor of NY?

Sometimes Congress needs to do nothing. Whenever they try to solve a problem all they do is create ten more problems.

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Shaman Wind said...

Thanks for the email. I cannot think of any democratic socialist candidate that needs to manage the economy.