March 1, 2008

Stuck on Stupid, Part I

Today is my first article in a new series called "Stuck on Stupid". I keep thinking about the stupid things Michelle Obama has said. I'm stuck on it. And it's stupid.

Michelle Obama is a woman who seems to have everything in life that any average American could dream of. She has a successful husband, two beautiful children, an Ivy League education, a high paying job and a beautiful home. Yet she was never proud of her country until her husband turned into some sort of political messiah. To me that defies logic. She goes around telling people not to strive for what she has attained. She doesn't want the young people of American to follow in the footsteps of the Obamas.

I am certainly not saying that anybody should be discouraged from pursuing careers in social work, teaching or nursing. There are people who are especially suited to those careers and those people should be encouraged. But what is wrong with the person who wants to study, work hard for the purpose of becoming wealthy...or even just middle class? What is wrong with someone wanting to own this home:
It looks lovely, doesn't it? That is the Obamas' home. Why shouldn't all Americans work hard so that they can acheive the lifestyle of the Obama's?

I'm getting really sick and tired of hearing politicians bash corporations, executives, and the "rich". If not for corporations, would I have this computer to work on? Would politicians be able to deliver their messages 24 hours a day on cable if not for televisions? Could you read my blog if not for the internet? These inventions came from investment of capital, time and talent. Who will invest money if they are not allowed a return on their investment? Will you buy stock if you're told that at best you will break even? Of course not!

They twist logic when they tell you that they will punish companies for taking their jobs and leaving. Here's the truth-people go into business to make money. It's that simple. It's fortunate that they then need to hire people to help them make money. If you take away their incentive to make money they are going to go elsewhere. They'll take their capital and their jobs with them.

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