March 3, 2008

Stuck on Stupid, Part II

Every time I hear the Democrats debate or listen to one of their campaign speeches I wonder to myself, are they stupid or are they hoping that millions of American voters are stupid? It must be one or the other, or both.

I'm not an economist but I can recognize stupid economic policies, even when they come packaged in some feel good liberal spin. Take for instance Senator Obama's health care proposal, which he plans to pay for with the funds we are now spending on fighting terrorists in Iraq.

Common sense would tell us that Iraq war spending should gradually decrease over time. The surge appears to be working, and if it continues to produce results and the Iraqi government gets it's act together, we should see a reduction of troop levels. Senator Obama pledges to bring the troops home as soon as possible if he is elected president. In his last debate, he conceded that if AlQuada establishes bases in Iraq (duh) after he pulls our troops, that he will re-invade Iraq.

Are you with me so far? Okay, good. What funds will BO use to re-invade Iraq after he has spent all of the money on his shiny new national health care plan? He's stated many times that he will also need to raise taxes on the rich to pay for his proposals. So will he then raise taxes even more? Will his tax increases trickle down to the middle class? To the working class? Any person capable of rational thought knows the answers to those questions.

So, BO will deliver unto us a beautiful health care plan that will save us all and wipe out tragedy, and it will be paid for by bringing our troops home from Iraq before they have finished the job. But how will he pay for it next year? How will we pay for it in a decade? Like all government programs, it will never end, it will expand.

Another question people should ask is how the enormous bureaucracy known as the federal government could possibly be better than what we now have. Who can forget the liberals screaming about FEMA's incompetence in the aftermath of Hurrican Katrina? Yet they want to put those bureaucrats in charge of their health.

So, again, I must ask - are the candidates stupid? Or are they simply hoping that enough Americans will vote against their own self-interests in November simply because it feels good?

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