March 3, 2008

Who Will McCain Pick as VP?

There has been much speculation lately about who John McCain will choose as his running mate. I heard today that a lot of Republicans believe that he should choose Mitt Romney, despite the bad blood between the two. I am not sure that Romney would agree to it, but if he did it would help McCain pick up conservative support.

Senator McCain has admitted that the economy is not his strongest suit. Mitt Romney has a better understanding of the economy than perhaps any other person under consideration. Romney was a governor and would bring that executive experience to the ticket. He has a great deal of wealth, which McCain will certainly need in the general election.

We will have to wait and see what happens, but I think having Mitt Romney on the ticket would do John McCain a world of good.


patti said...

Looks like Romney wants to be asked. I did not watch the interview with Hannity the other night,but it is my understanding that he said that if asked, he would say yes.
McCain will be on Hannity tonight.I'm sure that the question will be asked.So far, all I have heard him say is that Romney will have an important place in his admin. if he wants it. I guess we wait and see.
I hardly ever watch Hannity because he is a bit on the stupid side. I hope he can put together an interview that speaks to the issues and not his own agenda. Even Carl Rove called him on it the other day.
Speaking of Carl Rove, he has said many times that he would like to see a McCain-Romney ticket.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I saw part of the interview with Romney. He said that he and McCain agreed on more than the disagreed. Hannity said people could send questions to his web site to ask McCain. I also heard what Rove said about the McCain/Romney ticket. Lately I've seen a lot of different opinion pieces saying the same thing. We'll have to wait and see. Right now all the attention is on the dems, hopefully that will work against them in the long run.