March 5, 2008

Stuck on Stupid Part III

The Committe on Energy and Commerce has issued a white paper titled "Climate Change Legislation Design". Of course this is a committee controlled by Democrats. They describe this as "the next step in the legislative process leading to enactment of a mandatory, economy-wide climate change program."

This program would include such things as "appliance efficiency standards, building codes, land use decisions, performance standards, public transit and incentives..." It also seeks to "rationalize the roles of different levels of government". I guess when your plan is so completely irrational you need 25 pages of stale language in the hopes that the reader will fall asleep and forget his initial objection.

Now I am not accusing the crafters of these policies of being stupid. Actually, I think they're brilliant. Al Gore won an academy award and a peace prize. They tell us that the global warming debate (oh, sorry, should I have said climate change?) is over and that it's settled. Sure, there are a lot of scientists who don't agree but we all know they're just a bunch of idiotic goons who don't care about Mother Earth. They have enough of us duped into thinking all of the bad weather in the world is our fault and whatever they tell us to do we'll do. The voters don't take the time to find out the cost of their plans and the media does nothing but help them.

The cost of these plans is a loss of freedom and liberty like I have never seen in my lifetime. I keep hearing people talk about George W. Bush like he's some sort of monster robbing us of our liberties. Impeding the terrorists' plans of blowing us up is trampling on liberties. But giving the government control of energy and resources is quite all right?

So let's see, we have people voting for politicians who promise to go after their paychecks, control their health care and control the energy and land resources of their country. Sounds pretty stupid to me.

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