March 11, 2008

Why is Ageism Okay?

The late night comics keep making cracks about John McCain's age. Other politicians or their supporters bring up his age. I've seen negative and down right nasty comments on other blogs about John McCain's age. What I don't hear is anyone in the Main Stream Media denouncing these comments. I don't hear the Democratic candidates condemning these comments.

Geraldine Ferraro is being lambasted for a comment she made about Barack Obama's race. I'm not a big Geraldine Ferraro supporter but I doubt she meant that in a racist way. I would imagine she meant that she thinks our country is ready and eager to elect a black president. But she is being denounced for making those kinds of comments.

Nobody can raise any issue about Hillary Clinton's gender, unless it's Hillary Clinton.

I agree that race and gender should not play a role in politics. But why is discrimination against someone because of their age acceptable?

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