March 12, 2008

Good Riddance

Eliot Spitzer is about to resign. What took him so long? The thought of him makes me ill. So does the press. Here is a great article that sums it up perfectly. He has spent more money on prostitutes than most Americans or New Yorkers make in a year. What a hypocrite. Good Riddance to you, Spitzer.

Update: My local news is reporting that prior to making his decision to resign, Mrs. Spitzer asked for a head count of who would vote for impeachment. Apparently, nobody stood up for him and impeachment would have been inevitable.

In his speech Spitzer said he was going to take responsibility for his actions. That doesn't mean much since he waited until he was caught and had no support from any of his allies. This must be devastating for his children.


patti said...

I recently read something I thought you might like.
"Spitzer is like a slinky. A small spring toy that you can't do anything with. Nonetheless, everyone smiles when you push it down the stairs."

I think Spitzer wants to be a "rock star" like Bill. For the Dems., what he did is a resume-inhancer. He will go to rehab and then write a book. Then Oprah will have him on her show and tell us all that we should forgive. His wife will stand by her man and in a few years she will run for the senate in NY.........wait a min. didn't somebody else do that already?

The Lonely Conservative said...

Hey Patti! Welcome back! I've missed you!

Spitzer's a pig, but he still has a lot of defenders out there. They must not have heard about the law he passed in November cracking down on "Johns".