April 2, 2008

Angry journalists have started a web site where they can anonymously complain about anything that frustrates them. They mainly hate their bosses and competition from bloggers!

I know you will find this hard to believe, but Bill Clinton went on a tirade the other day at a fund raiser for Hillary. That's so unlike him.

The media keeps blaming "predatory lenders" for causing all of the problems with the mortgage industry. Don't buy into it until you read this article. Again, liberal government policies have not only failed to solve a problem, but have created newer, bigger problems for the folks. Here is a related story about lefties harrassing the children of bankers. It's so typical.

America hating Jeremiah Wright has a new McMansion in a white bread neighborhood. If white people are so horrible why does he chose to live among them? Read the story here.

Barry Obama is getting testy on the campaing trail. He could have avoided the whole thing if he just let the guy take a picture.

In an interview liberal loon Ted Turner said that the Iraqi insurgents are patriots. He also said that global warming is going to make us all cannibals. Will he volunteer to be the first dinner?

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