April 3, 2008

Liberalism and Freedom do not Mix!

liberalism. (n.d.).

In the twentieth century, a viewpoint or ideology associated with free political institutions and religious toleration, as well as support for a strong role of government in regulating capitalism and constructing the welfare state. (The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. Retrieved April 03, 2008, from Dictionary.com website).

free·dom: noun

1 : the quality or state of being free: as a : the absence of necessity, coercion, or constraint in choice or action b : liberation from slavery or restraint or from the power of another c : the quality or state of being exempt or released from something onerous. (Merriam-Webster's Dictionary of Law. Retrieved April 03, 2008, from Dictionary.com website).

I do not believe that the definition of liberalism goes far enough in describing the modern day liberals. But take a look at the two definitions and then try to figure out how you can have liberalism and still have freedom. It can't be done.

How can you have "the absence of necessity, coercion or constraint in choice or action" or "liberation from slavery or restraint from the power of another" under liberal policies? You can't!

Liberals want to mandate what kind of light bulbs you may use. They forbid access natural resources, forcing us to conduct business with our enemies. They have said that if the oil companies don't invest in alternative energy they will take their profits and do it for them.

They will "go after your wages" or "tax the wealthy" to pay for national health care. They expect people who saved money, bought affordable homes and pay their mortgages to pay their hard earned money to bail out their neighbors that did everything wrong. They have forced mortgage companies to lend money to people who are not credit-worthy, and then told those same mortgage companies that they have to write off their losses.

They want to institute the "fairness doctrine" whereby radio stations will be forced to give equal airtime to unpopular (thereby unprofitable) progams to those that are popular (and thereby profitable). They're all for freedom of choice, unless you choose to own a gun to protect yourself.

The more socialist programs they put in place means you work more for the benefit of others, rather than the benefit of yourself and your family. Their policies have driven up the price of your grocery bill.

The only thing they hate spending your hard earned dollars on is the military. They want to weaken the military, thereby weakening our country and putting your freedom in peril. They are more concerned with what the rest of the world thinks of us than they are with protecting us from the rest of the world.

Don't buy in to what they are trying to sell you. It's worse than snake oil.


Shaman Wind said...

Good article. In reading it, I am reminded of Naomi Wolf's-- Fascist America, in 10 easy steps. While she is pointing toward GW/Darth as the dictators, the truth is her liberals are making the moves.

Anonymous said...

A real good summary of Liberalism. It is like the old "Liberty of the Cudgel" that these same people critisized. They are just olain evil.

bobhope1215 said...

The party having great success in converting the country to fascist- America is the republican party. With the single exception of talk- radio and the fairness doctrine . Republicans have done more in the last 8 years to forward a marxist/facist agenda upon the people than any democrat could ever hope for.

McCain will accelerate the process. At 57 I can not recognize the country I grew up in I wonder how many of you have ever seen anything close to freedom ?,. Dignity and respect have always had to earned in America no matter what your point of view. However no matter how much of a head case most people thought you were we used to recognize a persons right to be a nut if they wanted to be. At one time most people thought John Birchers were nuts- but they had a right to be a nut if they wanted-this was an American Maxim . Turns out they were a pretty smart group of people, could they have started and survived in the politically correct world we have today?

We need to look at things like they are not like we’d want them to be. Conservatism is the horse big government Nazi’s are riding today to bring the country to national socialism not liberalism. They are two sides of the same coin heads or tails we get national socialism. Until we stop letting ourselves be labeled and used by the power elite on both sides the intellectual truths that we think we have inherent in so called conservatism will never be realized.

Shaman Wind said...

Is this a case of "how big is yours?" If so, I am 63.
Conservatives did not invent political correctness which is a form of speech control and ultimately thought control. Nor did we creative multiculturalism.
I do not confuse GW with a conservative nor do I consider his policies to be conservative. Liberals use demonization as a method to create fear and have apparently succeeded quite well.

Here is something else for you to chew on.


The Lonely Conservative said...

Mr. Hope seems to be confusing conservatives with Republican politicians. There are plenty of liberals in the Republican party.

Anonymous said...


Hasn't conservatism been applied over the last eight years?

--Taxes have been lowered, and rebates have come to people.

--Government agencies have received less funds, slowing them down

--We have attempted to spread democracy and freedom in Iraq

--Free trade has kept increasing

--Financial markets were left unregulated, and health insurance is mostly a free-market system

Don't any of you notice that none of these policies have worked?

--An Anon

Shaman Wind said...

Hello, Anon,whoever you are.
Rather than direct you to a previous comment about a liberals lack of ability to determine the difference between GW and a conservative, I will offer you some points to ponder.

A. Rebates are not conservative
B. There are far too many federal agencies and they are staffed with inadequate employees. Government of the people belongs at the local level, not in the hands of federal do nothings. Note-- two billion plus dollars spent on federal credit cards for trips to casinos, high end items etc. by those in the Veterans Administration. You might very well be one of those who feel that the VA and the military are useless anyway.
C. Conservatives are more isolationist than nation builders. GW is not a conservative.
D. Free trade is not a conservative thing. That is an economic thing and how it affects our local communities determines its value. Again, do not confuse conservatives with GW. B-T-W look at Free Trade under WJ.
E. See item D. GW is not a conservative.
I consider the last seven years a total disaster. And I am far right of on anyone on the current political spectrum. You should be celebrating the downfall of conservatism instead of complaining.

The Lonely Conservative said...

SW-You're right, GWB is not a true conservative. I've always found it odd, the ire he draws from the left. Don't get me wrong, I think he's a very likable person and I agree with some things he's done (like his appointment of Supreme Court justices). But he's done a lot of things that liberals should love, but they're too blinded by their hatred for him that they don't even recognize it.

That's why I think Republicans should stop trying to reach across the aisle to appease the left, it's never done any good and just mucks things up.

Shaman Wind said...

Hear, hear, he did appointed two great judges.

Lokisdottir said...

Thank God conservatives at least recognize that GW Bush is no conservative. However, no, his policies are assuredly not liberal, either. Rather it's the closest your country has ever been to fascism (warrantless wiretaps, anyone?), and I would think any true conservative who really values freedom would be up in arms about it.

Also, as anonymous posted above, liberals despise Bush's policies because because the current administration's policies are consistently pro-corporation, pro-war, anti-Constitution, and consistent failures.

The Lonely Conservative said...

LK-Fascism isn't possible without liberalism and/or socialism. As far as listening in to the phone calls of overseas terrorists, I have no problem with it. Better than getting blown up.