April 4, 2008

Ridiculous News of the Day

A new report shows that global temperatures have not risen in the past ten years, yet they keep arguing that there is global warming. They won't give it up unti the next ice age.
UPDATE: For more on this subject click here and here.

Now we know why Hillary didn't want to release her tax returns. $109 Million in 7 years (yes, you read that right)! They gave about $10 Million to charity, which is better than Barack Obama. But if she is so concerned about poor people, why not practice what she preaches and give up all of that money other than say, $1 Million per year?

Nancy Pelosi actually had the nerve to issue a warning to General David Patraeus about his upcoming testimony. Who does she think she is? That's just outrageous. As if she knows more about what's going on in Iraq than he does? Give me a break!

Townhall.com has a lot of good articles out today. If you only have time for one I recommend If Hypocrisy Were an Energy Source We Could Drill in Congress. It's just another example of the absurdity of the current Congress.


Anonymous said...

And this report is from U.N. scientists , of all things. Not exactly your average wild-eyed right wing weirdo.

Anonymous said...


I don't think you understood this article.

This year will be cooler than usual, but that does not disprove the global warming theory:

"Researchers say the uncertainty in the observed value for any particular year is larger than these small temperature differences."

That means that with the mathematical model they use, they still confirm a warming trend over time, even when some--maybe half--of the years are cooler than average.

Do you have the original link?

--An Anon

The Lonely Conservative said...

I only have the link I used in my original post. I understand what the article is saying, I just find it ridiculous. Are you not the least bit skeptical of the climatologists who admit that their science is still in it's infancy?