April 5, 2008

There is more good news about the progress being made in Iraq. We probably won't hear much about it from the MSM. It wasn't in my newspaper today. For more click here.

A reader tried to post a link in a comment but for some reason the link isn't working. The article is a little long but worth the read. Ed Kaitz describes the liberals and what he calls Doublethink, such as "Diversity is Unity!" It's very interesting and gives a lot of historical perspective.

Jeffrey Anderson writing for Townhall does a nice job of describing the problems with the Democrat's health care plans in The American Dream, Democratic style. If you want some perspective on the amount we're paying in taxes today to what people paid back in 1943 read Facts About the Tax by Rich Tucker.

Now it's time for me to go out and do my part to keep this economy of ours going. Have a great Saturday!

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