April 6, 2008

Time to Boycott Absolut?

This is an ad run by the vodka maker Absolut. Basically they are depicting the "perfect world" with the southwest portion of the US being part of Mexico. I don't drink vodka, but if I ever have to purchase vodka for a party I'll buy a different brand. For more on this story click here.


Anonymous said...

I will never drink Absolut again and have poured the bottle out which I had in my liquor cabinet.

First of all, Mexicans don't even drink vodka. They drink tequila.

Secondly, this ad campaign must have been written by an idiot. French wine has already been boycotted in the US for several years. Also, cheese and other products.

Third and last, the Sweds are socialists. Why help their economy. Just boycott all Swedish products!!

The Lonely Conservative said...

I've heard that Kettle One is good.

Jake Collette said...

I guess absolut thinks in the future we should give the west coast to a bunch of morons who cant run a country....The problem is that then their constituents will be flooding the east coast illegally to get away from them.