April 16, 2008

Congress is Worse than Useless

To say our current Congress is useless is really giving them too much credit. You see, if they did absolutely nothing it would be preferable to when they do something. It seems that everything they do just creates more problems, which of course they then blame on someone else.

They pretend to care about the American people, but they don't. All they care about is partisan politics and elections. That's it.

The things they should do, like voting on judicial nominees and getting out of the way of actual solutions to our energy problems, they refuse to do. So things just get worse and prices of energy continue to skyrocket. Then when they do things, like mandates and subsidies for ethanol, they just drive up the price of food world wide.

You'll keep hearing them talking about the big bad oil companies and evil CEO's making lots of money. But you'll never hear them admit blame for all of the problems they create.

John Sanders wrote a good piece on Townhall today describing all of the problems they have created. Also on Townhall, Mario Diaz asks when they will stop the nonsense and vote on President Bush's judicial nominees. That's an easy one-they won't! They are absurd. They want to fight Bush on anything and everything. Even if they were to agree with him on something they will oppose him just for the sake of opposing him. Look at the trade deal with Columbia. That deal is advantageous to the US, but they'll oppose it simply to oppose President Bush.

This Congress has taken absurdity to a whole new level, all in the name of partisan politics. They ought to be ashamed, but they aren't.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it about 2 years ago Pelosi said that if elected, she and hergang would reduce gasoline prices? What was the price then? What is it now? Great job, Nancy! Too typical to not be predictable. thanks for listening.----Zorro

The Lonely Conservative said...

Who can forget? They were going to solve all of our problems.

Anonymous said...

They are going to solve all our problems because they tell us just how much smarter they are than the rest of us, and we NEED THEM.