April 20, 2008

Good News

One universal truth is that we are all getting older. The only alternative to aging certainly isn't a good option, so we just need to accept the fact that we aren't getting any younger.

Now for the good news, a recent study concluded that the older we get, the happier we get. So stop worrying about getting older. Go out, enjoy your life and be happy!


Anonymous said...

when the democrats find out that you had a spa treatment, they will have to tax you more...'cause you must be an upper middle class or wealthy person...making too much.
Shame on you Lonely Conservative for enjoying your B-day. LOL.

Scoots said...

I thought I was a lonely conservative! I live in Minnesota and lawns and bumberstickers here are mostly for Obama or Clinton. I agree whole heartedly with everything I have read on your site. Your arguments are intelligent and well thought out. Liberals could find fault however because they do not use reason and only use the constitution when it vaguely supports their notions of what this country SHOULD be...a socialist society that they control. We are, after all, not smart enough to govern our own lives, we need the elitist intelectual class of democrats to guide us away from the problems capatilism creates and their evolved sense of "Progressive" politics will solve. Their Utopian ideals exclude the nature of man that the Constitution warns against. Sorry to go on so. I'm also a very passionate American. A Christian first, American second, conservative 3rd, republican 4th.

God Bless you!

Scott Jackson


The Lonely Conservative said...


Thanks for the comment and thanks for reading my blog. God bless you, too!


I know I should probably be ashamed for enjoying my birthday, but I'm not:o)