April 21, 2008

Is anyone else out there getting a little bit sick of politics lately? This presidential primary season is getting so old.

The Democrats whine when debate moderators have the nerve to ask them questions. Then they argue over who is better friends with terrorists. John McCain is sort of lying low, waiting to tell us who he's going to pick to be his running mate and thinking of ways to respond when the Democrats really start attacking him.

Pennsylvanians must be really tired of it. A friend of mine from PA said some Obama people came knocking at her door. That would really annoy me. They should be required to wear big signs that say "Obama Campaign Worker", so you can turn off the lights and pretend you're not home when they come knocking. Thankfully for all of you in PA, after tomorrow you'll just be a shrinking image in their rear-view mirrors.

I'm going to ignore politics for the rest of this evening. I'm going to go outside and enjoy this spring day, my family and my life. I hope you do, too!

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