April 10, 2008


Could Obamamania be turning into Obamawania? A new poll shows that John McCain has all but eliminated Obama's lead in the polls.

The pollsters are saying the extended Democratic primary is creating divisions in their party and many Democrats have said that they woud rather vote for McCain than either Obama or Hillary. I'm sure the primary is not helping the Democrat party, but I don't think that explains Obama's slide in the national polls.

I believe that normal, non-partisan Americans are finding Obama less palatable the more they hear about him. Every time you turn around there's another mis-step by the Obama campaign. The other day Michelle Obama said that more people deserve a bigger piece of the pie. Most Americans believe that they create their own pie and don't want the government taking any more of their pie. How much is left for crying out loud? And who can forget her saying that she was never proud of her country until after a bunch of people voted for her husband. I could go on and on. Even though the MSM isn't reporting everything it's impossible for them to keep the genie out of the bottle from now until November.

Then we have Obama himself and his speeches. Every time he mentions the greatness of our country, he has to throw in a qualifier. We could be better, we aren't perfect, blah blah blah. How many times do the American people need to her "Yes, we are a good country, but...."?

Just the other day at a fund raiser Obama's campaign was calling for more white people for a photo-op. I wonder if they asked for "typical white people".

Republicans have said for years that all we need to do to win elections is sit back and let the Democrats self-destruct. The more things change the more they stay the same.


Anonymous said...

The NAACP is having Obama's Imam, wright speak at the convention in Detroit. Fidel castro is too sick, and Hugo Chavez has other plans to meet with some other terrorists that day.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Maybe they can invite his other terrorist buddy, William Ayers.

Shaman Wind said...

Call it wishful thinking but I believe the worst is yet to come for the Kool-Aid king.