April 10, 2008

Random Thoughts

Is Colin Powell a Democrat?

Where is Zell Miller?

If the economy is so bad, how can hundreds of thousands of Americans afford to be stranded in airports? Who bought their tickets?

If Hillary Clinton tells a big fat lie in the woods, and nobody hears her, is it still a big fat lie?

Will John McCain change his mind about drilling in Alaska?

Why has it taken so long for Democrats to realize that China isn't nice? Didn't Hillary know this when her husband was supplying them with missile technology?

When the truckers slow down to protest high oil prices, what do they think they will gain? Aren't they just burning more gas?

If you're an aspiring politician, are you using sound judgment when you choose to go to dinner at the home of known terrorists?

When is global warming going to come to Upstate New York? I'm cold!

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