April 30, 2008

Top Political Pundits 21-30

The Telegraph's list of the top US political pundits continues.

30-Peggy Noonan
29-Ron Fournier
28-James Carville
27-Pat Buchanan
26-Arianna Huffington
25-Michael Savage
24-Laura Ingraham
23-Mike Allen
22-Dick Morris
21-David Gergen

I would say my favorite on this list is Laura Ingraham. Maybe it's just me, but whenever I read Peggy Noonan's columns I detect an air of elitism. Dick Morris has sound political analysis but his judgment appears clouded at times by his anti-Hillary bias. I disagree with nearly everything James Carville says, but he is entertaining.


TulipGirl said...

Glad Noonan is on the list. Did you see Jonah Goldberg, K-Lo or any of the rest of the National Review gang on the list?

The Lonely Conservative said...


You're right, there are quite a few missing from this list.

Take comfort knowing that conservatives on their side of the pond are doing quite well.

Thanks for the comment.

John Wayne Tucker said...

John Wayne Tucker is a strong conservative candidate for U. S. Congress in Missouri's 3rd Congressional District (St. Louis, St. Louis County, Jefferson County, and St. Genevieve County).

The Lonely Conservative said...

Mr. Tucker-

You have a great name. I checked out your website. How do you feel about extracting our domestic oil? Good luck to you!