April 30, 2008

Obama's Global Poverty Tax

Barack Obama sponsored the Global Poverty Act which the Senate could vote on any day now. This would amount to a tax on the American people of .7% of the GDP, or in real money terms $845,000,000,000.00. Yes, that's right, 845 Billion dollars!

Gee, why isn't he touting this lovely little plan in his stump speeches? We keep hearing him tell us how dreadful things are for so many Americans, so why would he even contemplate this huge tax on the American people, coercing productive Americans into servitude not only to our own government but to the entire world?

Even more outrageous is that this is a bi-partisan bill, co-sponsored by Richard Lugar (R-Indiana). It passed the House by voice vote, so there's no paper trail. Oh, they're good. I'd like to know where in the Constitution they find the right to impose such a tax on the American people. What's happening to the sovereignty of our nation?

I've read quite a few articles and columns on this subject and the best one I have found is written by Edward Cline who asks "Are we not already burdened by our own lords and masters of "social policy" and "redistribution" in Washington and in every state capital, without inviting the depredations of a clique of international thugs and looters?" That's a good question, unfortunately, we get nothing but bad answers.


Holly said...

Hey! There is a great article debunking some of the myths about the act. It is not a tax increase. In fact the congressional budget office estimates it will cost less than $1 Million dollars to enact. Check it out: http://www.bread.org/take-action/ol2008/global-poverty-act.html

The Lonely Conservative said...

Hello Holly,

Thanks for the comment. I certainly hope you're right and I am wrong. History tells us these things always cost more than planned and have unintended consequences.

Shaman Wind said...

Thanks, for the commentary on this and the link. If it involves the U.N. it is corrupt. The documentation on U.N. corruption would crash everything but the IRS super computer.