May 1, 2008

Top Political Pundits 11-20

The Telegraph's list continues. I knew when we got into the top 20 I would start to find a lot to disagree with.

20-Joe Klien
19-Donna Brazile
18-Frank Luntz
17-Andrew Sullivan
16-Glenn Beck
15-Bill Maher
14-Chuck Todd
13-Keith Olbermann
12-Bill O'Reilly
11-Stephen Colbert

If you ask me, this list is a bit ridiculous. I do enjoy Frank Luntz's analysis and his focus groups. I find it interesting they didn't mention Bill Maher's political leanings, or the way he insults religion. To have Keith Olbermann, whose ratings are only about 1/3 of the ratings of O'Reilly, is just stupid. They went on to call his disciplined. Have they watched the show? And Stephen Colbert? Good grief!

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