May 22, 2008

Dan Maffei - Big Thinker?

Washington Insider Dan Maffei moved home from DC to run for Congress. He lost, but that didn't stop him so he's trying again. The DNC has given him lots of money and lots of talking points. In fact, I wonder if any of his "thoughts" are his at all.

His op-ed piece in today's opinion section of the Syracuse Post Standard is titled "Part of 'thinking big' is working for US energy independence". Something tells me he didn't put a whole lot of thought into this.

Maffei opines "If we need any further reminder of how far American power and prestige have fallen over the last eight years, we got it when the Saudis told President Bush they weren't going to lift a finger to help us." Why should they "help us"? Are we helpless? We have our own oil, we just need to get it out of the ground and refine it.

He tells us he is "running for Congress because we need change." Where have we heard that before? Hmmm....change....who said that?

His plan will take "the power away from Big Oil by taxing their huge windfall profits ". Maffei concedes that "not everything we try will work". Really? Like using the taxpayer's money to subsidize biofuels and driving up food prices?

If I were Mr. Maffei I would be very angry with the Democratic party and all of their candidates (and some Republicans, too) for stealing his ideas.

Finally, he promises that if he is "elected to Congress, (he) will never support measures that do not benefit hard-working men and women." If that's the case, he will need to completely abandon his party's platform and his environmental agenda.


Toni said...

They all say they are running for change. Well change sounds all wonderful until you realize what it actually involves. Many of us could agree that there needs to be change. The actually change is where we'd have issues. The whole windfall profits tax is annoying too. These idiots just don't get it. They are regulating us to death. They are killing the American spirit all under the guise of fairness.

The Lonely Conservative said...

When they say they want change, what they mean is they want all of your dollars and all of your change so they can give it to those that need it. That just takes to long to say, and it's not that appealling, so they shorten it to "We want change".

Toni said...

I never thought of it quite that way, but it's exactly right. I'll have to remember that one.

Zorro said...

Does he want to tax "windfall profits" made by lawyers?

The Lonely Conservative said...

No, they're okay. So are movie stars and liberal news anchors.

S.A. Andrews said...

Very funny.

ben said...

I agree. No Billionaire should be left behind. They need enormous tax breaks. Vote Republican. Oh by the way, we are helpless. We are dependent on foreign oil which means that we have no control over gas costs.