May 22, 2008

Miracles Do Happen!

I nearly fell out of my chair a moment ago when I came across this article on my local newspaper's website.

It looks like Rep. Jim Walsh, R-NY, has changed his mind about drilling in ANWR! Wonders never cease. I have been increasing displeased with my congressman, who has announced his retirement. I forgave his goofy vote last year against the Iraq war because I understood that it was a symbolic vote and meaningless. But his position on drilling for domestic oil, to me was unforgiveable.

Since he's retiring he no longer needs to pander for votes and can do the right thing. It's too bad he didn't have a change of heart when his vote may have made a difference, but hey, maybe the Republican leadership is finally taking the blinders off.

1 comment:

ben said...

I agree. I think we should support the iraq war for 100 years since it's gone nowhere in 6. Mission Accopmplished