May 9, 2008

Is that Spit in my Eye?

John McCain has plans for a "Climate Change Tour". Well, at least he's not calling it global warming. He wouldn't want to look silly showing up in the north in May if it's snowing. He really doesn't like conservatives and every now and then he has to remind us. Seriously, I think if John McCain goes home and stays there and keeps his mouth shut between now and the election he has a better chance of winning.


Anonymous said...

Somebody should remind this jackass and his Dem. friends that just 30 years ago "Time" and "Newsweek" were scaring us about the threat of global cooling. Said we should cover the poles with tarps to contain heat, and avoid the horrors of the cooling.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Liberals don't want people learning history. It messes up their grand plans.

Shaman Wind said...

I remember when they said in 2012 the poles would shift and we would begin an ice age. Guess what it's snowing in the Rockies today and it's May 13th. Sure they get late snows, but it sure puts a damper in the "global warming" signposts.
So true about education, look what they have done to the current system, when most students don't know who Geo. Washington was.
Crush the socialists-- Learn something today.