May 8, 2008

A Ray of Light in the US Senate

Please read this column by Republican Senator John Cornyn. The other day I heard about a speech he gave on the Senate floor and was impressed, but didn't get around to finding a link to it. Lo and behold I received a link to his article by email today.

He writes "Senate Republicans have introduced...The Amercian Enrgery Production Act" which would "allow access (to) 24 billion barrels of oil, enough to supply America for 5 years with no foreign imports. It would also provide for authorization to explore for American oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) and the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS)."

Finally, a US Senator who is rational, logical and actually makes sense. If all Republicans made this much sense they wouldn't be in so much trouble. I have no doubt the Democrats and RINO's will do everything in their power to block this legislation; but maybe, just maybe, if Americans hear about this brilliant plan they may start demanding the sort of action from our elected officials that makes sense.

Thank you, Senator Cornyn.


Anonymous said...

COUPLE PROBLEMS: 1. Americans will not hear about it. 2. The sanity and logic of it is enough to sink it on Capitol Hill. Who said that Hitler's Reichstag wasn't very good? Geniuses by comparison to this gang we have in D.C.

American said...

Some common sense and perspicacity ... more needed however. Good post!

The Lonely Conservative said...

Unfortunately, reason and logic are scarce on Capitol Hill.

The Lonely Conservative said...

To AI:

Perspicacity-good word. If anyone is wondering it means: skill in perceiving, discriminating, or judging.

Yes-I had to look it up:)

Anonymous said...

Okay I'll tackle the problem with this. ANWR has maybe a trickle of oil, which most projections say would lower gas prices by one cent by 2020, and once we get that trickle of oil the ecological damage is done. Additionally this does nothing to address, but only worsens, America's dependence on petroleum, which increases the carbon in our atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

Think, my friend, think!

If you use all that domestic oil in 5 years what will you have left in future times of dire emergency?

Do not blindly parrot the conservative rhetorics you hear on Fox.

Rather, you should think!