June 16, 2008

Barack Obama Wants Higher Gas Prices

Here's Barack Obama telling us why high gas prices are good, he just would have preferred a "more gradual adjustment". I guess he hoped nobody would notice. That's attitude is fine for rich folks like him, what about the rest of us?

It's doubtful we will ever convince him to Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less; but you can still sign the petition.


Jake Collette said...

The only bad thing is that McCain doesnt wanna drill here either, While im fully supporting Sen. McCain thats one thing that really urks me. It's really the only way to get these prices down.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Yeah, he irks me, too. The one time a big ole flip flop is a great idea!

S.A. Andrews said...

From American Thinker I linked a reason why the socialists are for Global Warming. Might check out the article.
When we are up to our *** in snow, someone will wish they had tossed the liberals out long ago.