June 17, 2008

McCain Calls for Drilling

Shock of all shocks! Flip of all flops! Alleluja!

John McCain is calling for the federal government to lift its restrctions on domestic oil exploration and drilling. Of course, Senator Obama called him a flip flopper, which is fine with me. He was wrong before, now he's right and I applaud his decision to flip flop. It's cold again wear I live, but I will wear my fanciest flip flops in honor of Senator McCain. If he keeps talking like this I just may go crazy and send him a campaign contribution!

Welcome aboard the Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less bandwagon, Senator McCain! Do you want to sign the petition?


sheldon said...

It's about time. Yes it's cold in upstate today.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Where's the global warming? I keep waiting for it, but it never comes.

Jeremy Sarber said...

A glimmer of hope. That's a "change" I can get behind.

sheldon said...

National Geographic had a good episode on Global Warming last night. It all cannot be blamed in fossil fuels but it's not helping according to them. You're right though, It's doesn't seem to be an issue in New York.