July 16, 2008

Don't let Obama claim success he hasn't earned

The Pentagon is now saying that there may be a reduction of US troops in Iraq by this fall. If the situation in Iraq continues to improve the "time table for withdrawl" we've heard the Democrats whining about for so long will be a moot point. As the situation improves, we can bring home more troops. Hasn't that been the plan all along?

President Bush went out on a limb with the troop surge at a time when the war (thanks to Democrats and the media) was very unpopular. John McCain went out on a limb by whole heartedly supporting the surge. The men and women of our military put their lives on the line under the leadership of General David Patraeus. What did Barack Obama do? Oh yes, he vehemently opposed the surge. One would have to assume that Obama prefers shameful defeat over victory.

What a shame it will be if Barack Obama is elected president and then claims for himself success brought about by the very actions he so forcefully opposed.


Jeremy Sarber said...

This is what has bothered me about the Dems' plan and Obama's recent statement that McCain's desire is to stay in Iraq. The firm plan all along has been victory. It's that simple.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Obama's your typical leach.