July 15, 2008

Mitt Romney-The Obvious Choice

Thanks in large part to the Democrat controlled, incompetent and irresponsible House and Senate, economic news seems to get worse every day. With the Democrats sabotaging our economy on so many different levels, it only makes sense for John McCain to choose Mitt Romney as his running mate.

Governor Romney has a proven track record as a successful business man. He understands the US economy better than most politicians, as he has actually worked in the private sector. When it comes to the issues Romney is right on just about everything. He has the ability to raise a ton of cash, which McCain is going to need to compete against Obama this fall.

Most people really don't care what religion he practices. To those who call him a flip-flopper: he has nothing on Obama. Much has changed since the primary season and now more than ever McCain needs a running mate with strong economic credentials.

On top of all of that, there is a lot of conservative support for Governor Romney, although that support came a bit too late for him to win the primary. His CPAC speech was a huge hit with the young conservatives and Romney could be just what Senator McCain needs to re-energize the conservative base.


MonkeyCrash said...

I'm with you. Romney would be great on the economy and pull in more conservatives to McCain's camp.

gopmom said...

I'd love to see McCain pick Romney. The Mormon factor is a non-issue after the Rev. Wright debacle. And McCain needs to show the Conservatives he's working for them. Romney would at least be a step in that direction. I'd like to vote for McCain, not against Obama.

Zorro said...

Like almost everyone who is not a Dem, he knows a whole lot more about economics than McCain, is likeable, bright, and fairly conservative.(Don't tell McCain)

The Lonely Conservative said...

I may even send McCain a few bucks if he picks Romney.