July 22, 2008

Is the Honeymoon Over?

The main stream media has been falling in love with Barack Obama right before our eyes day in and day out. They travelled together overseas for what seemed like a honeymoon. The scenario was right out of a political fairy tale.

Then Barack Obama threw his buddies in the press under that old bus of his. Well, of course he did! He's a gaffe machine whose on/off switch is not easily controlled. He can't risk having reporters with microphones there. I mean, one of them could develop a conscience and actually air the footage of another gaffe. Heaven forbid.

I'm sure they will forgive and forget. They're just working out the kinks in this budding romance. And it's a brilliant move on Obama's part, he's giving them cover since everyone with eyes and ears knows he has them in his pocket.

Brietbart has the video of Andrea Mitchell complaing to tingly-legged Chris Matthews on Hardball about the lack of reporting going on during Obama's trip to the middle east.


Paul Zannucci said...

The reason there's no reporting going on is because Obama has no idea what's going on. If you have too much reporting while overseas, that would become too obvious.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Did you hear during his press conference in Isreal he said "Isreal is a friend of Isreal". Well, Duh!