July 22, 2008

What are the new "green technologies" the Democrats keep talking about?

The Associated Builders and Contractors has announced its endorsement of Dale Sweetland, noting Dale's history of fighting for business rights.

In the mean time his opponent for the open 25th Congressional District seat, Dan Maffei, has used some more of his far left-wing money to release a new television ad. He said he's going to take our money and invest it in "green technology". I would suggest that Mr. Maffei read up on where all of this green investment has gotten us thus far.

The government thought it would be a great idea to subsidize ethanol, which is more expensive to produce than gasoline and has helped to drive up the price of gas. According to this report of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, regarding ethanol and the energy bill proposed by the EPA:
Ethanol costs considerably more than gasoline, so the mandate benefits Midwestern corn farmers and the ethanol industry at the expense of the driving public. In addition, the logistical difficulties of incorporating ethanol into the nation’s fuel supply also have added to costs. In effect, the ethanol mandate is yet one more costly federal fuel requirement piled on to an overly complex regulatory scheme and has proved to be a step in the wrong direction.
Dan Maffei appears to be against competitive enterprise so it is doubtful he will take any time to read any of CEI's reports.

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