July 23, 2008

Obama speaks about how to deal with evil.

The Messiah has spoken again. This time at the Holocaust Memorial and Museum Yad Vashem. His answer to fighting evil is for us all to speak up with "one voice". There he goes with that whole unity/collectivist thing again. As Ayn Rand would have said, we can unite and have our collective throats slit.

Many of us have relatives who fought and died in World War II and find it insulting when politicians like Obama use sacred backdrops to pander. My friend Paul Zanucchi has a great piece today on the American Sentinel. He's justifiably angry. Click here to read what Paul has to say.

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sheldon said...

Obama is so phony. Are there that many stupid people in this country? Maybe the uneducated should stop reproducing. I'd rather see a lower poulation that is educated and useful not plentiful and stupid. Too bad intelligence isn't a requirement in reproduction.