July 23, 2008

Dan Maffei vs. Dale Sweetland

Which candidate is more likely to represent the interests of Central New Yorkers?

According to the Post Standard, 80% of Republican Dale Sweetland's campaign contributions were raised locally. Sweetland said that if the National Republican Congressional Committee were to offer him funds he would accept, but other than that he's not trying to raise money in Washington, DC.

On the other hand, they report that Washington fuels Maffei's lead over Sweetland's local cash. Only about 14% of Dan Maffei's campaign contributions came from local donors. The majority of his funds came from Washington DC but he also raised quite a bit in California, New York City and Boston.

So who can we assume Dan Maffei is going to be working for? Us? That's doubtful.

One more thing to keep in mind, a vote for Dan Maffei (or any other Democrat running for Congress) is a vote to for Nancy Pelosis to remain as Speaker of the House. Wake up, folks.


Zorro said...

Also a vote against drilling, for higher taxes, losing the war and the rest of the left wing agenda.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Something tells me that isn't exactly what average Americans have in mind.