July 23, 2008

The real reason Obama didn't invite the media.

Monkey in the Middle picked up on the story told by one of our GI's serving in Afghanistan about Obama's little jaunt through the war zone.

As the Soldiers where (sic) lined up to shake his hand, he blew them off and didn't say a word as he went into the conference room to meet the General. As he finished, the vehicles took him to the ClamShell (pretty much a big top tent that military personnel can play basketball or work out in with weights) so he could take his publicity pictures playing basketball. He again shunned the opportunity to talk to Soldiers to thank them for their service.

So really he was just here to make a showing for the Americans back home that he is their candidate for President. I think that if you are going to make an effort to come all the way over here you would thank those that are providing the freedom that they are providing for you.

I swear we got more thanks from the NBA Basketball Players or the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders than from one of the Senators, who wants to be the President of the United States. Read full story.

It had seemed that Obama kept the media at a distance during these events because he was afraid of making one of his famous gaffes. This story would lead one to believe that he didn't want the media recording his outright snub of our troops. The media has been talking non-stop about his three point shot, did he make that shot after snubbing the very people keeping him safe? Is he such an elitist that he's too good to sit down with the men and women in the milatary? Or is he uncomfortable in the knowledge that he will never live up to the greatness of those who serve our country?


sheldon said...

He didn't want the media see him dodging the fake bullets like Hillary? Or maybe he didn't want the media see him get the crap beat out of him by the troops. That's why he skipped the troops. The creep couldn't even look them in the face.

The Lonely Conservative said...

It would be fun to see the troops kick his ass!