July 24, 2008

The Speech!

Barack Obama has finally delivered his much anticipated Berlin speech. Thanks to the Drudge Report there is no need to listen to the speech, you can read the transcript. According to reports, he was interrupted numerous times by thundering applause from the European crowd. Wow, maybe he should move to Europe and run for king of the EU or something, it would be a land slide.

Yes, the Germans went wild for Obama's speech as most of his apostles here at home probably did. He talked about "global citizenship", "sustained sacrifice", "shared burdens" and "trade that is free and fair for all". He will send a "direct message to Iran that it must abandon its nuclear ambitions" and in Iraq will "finally bring this war to a close". He will save the planet and eradicate AIDS and poverty, because poverty causes terrorism. He notes that every language is spoken in the US and wants to eliminate all borders.

Sound good?

Lacking from his speech is the idea of American exceptionalism. He diminishes the role America played in ending the cold war and bringing down the Iron Curtain. He diminishes the sacrifice of Americans who fought and died in Europe in the last century. He also diminishes the role the American military has played in Iraq. With all due respect, you don't win wars by wishing for peace. You don't bring down terrorists and dictators by giving them a lecture.

Now we are all just "fellow citizens of the world". When in Ohio Obama blasts American companies that ship jobs overseas. When in Germany Obama lauds the global economy. Talk about playing to your audience.

Obama fails to recognize or acknowledge that the 9-11 terrorists were well to do and came from middle class families. He calls for unity, advancing his collectivist message to include the entire globe. When he talks about sustained sacrifice he doesn't say whose sacrifice? The American worker? He neglects to mention that President Bush is a rock star in Africa due to all he has done to battle the AIDS virus. So we should expect that if elected president, Obama will send even more of our tax dollars overseas.

Of course, Obama would never fail to mention in a speech how imperfect America is and how we have not "lived up to our best intentions". In his view, we will not be a perfect nation, a perfect global citizen until he is elected president.

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