August 2, 2008

Another Obama Shift

For months Barack Obama has been telling us he is beyond the old style of politics, with Obama we can move on to new politics. He wants you to believe he is not a politician, when that's exactly what he is. Just look at his trip overseas. He was perfectly willing to give a speech during a free concert to make it look as though 200,000 Germans actually came to hear him speak, yet he cancelled a visit with wounded U.S. troops because he had to leave his entourage at the door.

He keeps "shifting" (the new term for flip-flopping) positions when it is politically expedient. Is that "new politics"? It sure seems like old politics to anyone who follows politics. His latest "shift" is on drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf. He held his finger to the wind, felt which way it was blowing and decided he would throw the voters a little bone.

His promise to give $1000 to every family didn't give him the bump in the polls he was hoping for. Apparently not all Americans are on board with the rob Peter to pay Paul mentality. Now he is willing to throw his so-called convictions to the wind, throw his base under the bus once again in order to pick up a few points in the polls.

Obama still believes we won't be able to "drill our way out of" the energy crisis, but now he's willing to consider allowing drilling off the Florida coast. The problem is, he's been so against this for so long, who can believe him?


Thomas said...

I'm surprised that more people aren't upset about the $1000 check he's willing to handout. Let's be real here, he doesn't give a damn about the high fuel prices; he said that he wished that it hadn't gone up so fast, that's all. Wanting high fuel prices and then wanting to give money to help pay for it doesn't make sense. That $1000 is essentially a bid to buy votes. He wants us to suffer so he can be the savior that rides in fixes things. Howard Dean an Harry Reid have both prayed for a bad economy. My vote is not for sale. I don't want a damn thing from the government, the only thing I want is from them to stay out of my way.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I like that sentiment.