August 3, 2008

Boycott Tyson Foods

Tyson Foods is not going to give their employees labor day as a paid holiday anymore. This is almost unbelievable, but here it is. They are replacing labor day with the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr, whatever that is.

Hat tip to Texas Fred's on this one. All I can say is "don't buy Tyson Chicken".


S.A. Andrews said...

I buy all the meat from a local butcher. (I Think small). So, who knows where the chicken comes from. The beef comes from local sources, which makes me very happy. The chicken is frozen with no additives.
Yesterday, I longing for the simple times when everything was English and being an Anglo was not a bad thing. A big exhale and I was over it. Those times are dead.
Thanks for the heads up on Tyson. As I say repeatedly, "Vote with your remote and your wallet."

The Lonely Conservative said...

Exactly right, SA!