August 5, 2008

GOP Revolt Day Three

Check out House Republican Leader John Boehner's blog to keep up to date on the happenings over at the US House of Representatives. The Democrats remain on vacation.

Fifteen GOP House members have spoken today, including Mike Pence, John Shadegg and Duncan Hunter. Rep. Scott Garrett (R-NJ) is asking you to let him know what hardhips Nancy Pelosi's inaction is causing you, your family and friends. You can send him an email at

The quote of the day came from Jean Schmidt (R-OH):

“Pelosi is on a book tour, God bless her, she wrote a book. I wish I could take the time to write a book. Well now is the time to vote, not the time to write a book.”

“We can’t pick and choose our alternative resources, we must use them all because they support and compliment each other.”

No wonder Pelosi couldn't stick around. She had to go promote her book to keep it from dropping out of the top 1000.

Update: The funniest news of the day comes from the Politico. Move-On protestors showed up to protest the protest in the house. Then some right wing protesters showed up to protest the protesters of the protest. Do any of these people have jobs?


Anonymous said...

Too bad the Mean Stream Media Doesn't know about these Republicans.

The Lonely Conservative said...

They know about them, they just don't want you to know about them.