August 4, 2008

Monday Musings

Monday August 4, 2008

How many rights is the Chinese government violating in its attempt to present a good image for the upcoming Olympics?

We can call off the Presidential election, Nancy Pelosi has appointed herself the new "decider".

Since Global Warming is such a sure thing, should I keep my upstate NY pool open until December?

If my children are lucky they can retire at the age of seventy-nine and a half.

Why did we need a housing bailout when 93.3% of us are paying our monthly mortgage payments on time?

It must be nice to have a five week, taxpayer-funded vacation. Too bad most suckers, I mean taxpayers, don't receive such a nice job benefit.

Barack Obama should choose John Edwards as his running mate. The recent scandal makes him look more human, and when Democrats are caught up in scandals the media either ignores or celebrates them.

What's with Democratic voters who vote big spending liberals into office, then complain about high taxes and move to a "red" state only to elect liberals who raise their taxes?

Here in upstate New York, people can still identify themselves as conservative without fear of job loss. Can you imagine being a conservative in Hollywood? Now that's a lonely conservative!


Anonymous said...

Look at this country's deficit, then look at who's controlled Congress and the Executive branch from 2000-2006, then explain you are not holding your own party accountable.

You gain legitimacy by showing the public that you look at all sides of the argument, not just the "red" one.

The Lonely Conservative said...

I don't defend the Republicans' reckless spending habits. Right now Democrats hold the power so that's who I've been talking about.