August 4, 2008

Governor Paterson-You can't have it both ways

Governor Paterson suffered a lapse from liberal philosophy last week when he called on the state to cut spending. All of you liberals who are disappointed in, worry not, he has reverted back to form.

In his recent op-ed in the Washington Post, the accidental Governor has called on the federal government "to help all states navigate an economic crisis". He insists that the federal government must pass a "second stimulus package that includes investments in our nation's infrastructure" and other short term stimulus investments like paying people's heating bills for them this winter.

His op-ed slamming the Bush Administration and the federal government for wasteful spending, while pleading with the federal government for more spending came one day after his press release congratulating the President and Congress for passing the Foreclosure Relief Act.

Which is it Governor? Are you for or against reckless government spending?

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