August 3, 2008

Check out this headline

Big Oil has more cash than it can use.

Is that code for "the government should feel free to take Big Oil's money away"? The article isn't suggesting that, but headlines like that only add fuel to the fire of the Democrats' pursuit of Big Oil's profits.

Sunday August 3, 2008


sheldon said...

I see that Obama has made the front page of CNN calling for the windfall profits tax. He should just hang a sign around his neck saying "I'm a Socialist scumbag".
Anyone still falling for this guy should be hit in the head with a baseball bat.

The Lonely Conservative said...

He and Dan Maffei are two peas in a pod.

Zorro said...

Don't some Hollywood big deals, trial lawyers, Wall street investment bankers, etc have excess profits that the government should loot? then, we could have a bigger stimulus check.

The Lonely Conservative said...

The Democrats are looting those guys for campaign cash!