August 3, 2008

House Republicans to return to the floor Monday

According to the Politico, House Republicans believe that they had enough good press, despite the Speaker of the House turning off the cameras, to return to the House tomorrow for another day of speeches and protest about Congress' inaction on gas prices.

It is unknown whether or not Representative Jim Walsh (R-NY) will make an appearance. The last release on his website is dated July 30 where he took Nancy Pelosi to task for blocking meaningful debate and an up or down vote on drilling.

The Politico's report mentioned Pelosi's interview with George Stephanopolous this morning on ABC News This Week. She was as arrogant as ever, and pretty much indicated that she knows she's right, so why bother to go ahead with an up or down vote. In her mind, it doesn't matter the outcome because she's made up her mind and that's the way it is.

In addition to calling on Republicans to return to the House, perhaps they can also call on many of the Democrats who are willing to vote for drilling. Perhaps they can call on the Democrats to come back and vote on electing a new Speaker of the House. That may do something to improve their approval rating.

How many times must we reiterate that we are a government by the people for the people. The people want drilling and we expect our representatives to remove the barriers to drilling that they have created.


Anonymous said...

Ever since Pelosi took the reigns I've said that she is the last thing Congress needs. What is she hoping to achieve by shutting off cameras and trying to disban Republicans? As someone else commented, she really is a pompous and arrogant person. Lonely Conservative, I love your blog. It's intelligent and conservative, which I like. I'm going to add you to my blogroll, if you'd like to do the same for me. Thanks, and keep up the excellent work!

The Lonely Conservative said...

Thanks, SE. I visited your site last night. Nice work.