August 1, 2008

GOP Revolt on the House Floor!

According to the Politico Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats adjourned the House and shut down the lights and microphones. But John Boehner and other Republicans are refusing to leave. It started out with just a handful but they are trying to round up other Republicans to return.

The Democrats turned off the lights and the microphones because they don't want this covered by the press. They don't want it covered by the press because they don't want you to know about it. This is good stuff and it's a crying shame that it's not being covered by the media. Doesn't anyone have a video camera? They're calling it a "new Boston Tea Party".

The Politico's last update was at 4:30, they are still there and apparently they aren't going anywhere soon. They've even brought in boy scouts! I wish I was there.

Update: C-Span issued a statement saying it isn't their fault they aren't covering the news on the House floor. The Speaker of the House (Nancy Pelosi) controls the cameras. So don't believe anyone who sayd that Nancy Pelosi isn't keeping the public from knowing what's going on in Washington.

Update: At 5:00 PM they ended their protest, singing "God Bless America".

That's a little bit disappointing. It's now up to President Bush to call them back.


Jeremy Sarber said...

I just got around to posting something about this myself. How great is this? I'm waiting for Bush to use his authority to get the rest of Congress back in there.

Thomas said...

This makes me so angry. The sad part is the failures of congress will be blamed on the Republicans. It's like no one actually cares about the truth anymore. As long as the Democrats keep feeding the public happy pills no one seems to give a damn. Nancy and her Fascist Democrats are keeping Americans in the dark just so they can stay in power. The only true news station that will probably report on this is Fox News and Glenn Beck. I can already see Glenn with his pitch forks out.

The Lonely Conservative said...

Fax reported on it, but since Pelosi controls the cameras there is very little footage. She is evil.

sheldon said...

If the republicans had any balls left, they'd still be sitting there. I know I would be. Cameras would eventually show. A bunch of tired stinky people piled outside a door always attracts attention. The tech companies have already proven that.
Sheldon 2012!