August 1, 2008

Obama's latest idiotic economic plan.

This post should be titled "Obama's latest socialist plan." The Politico is reporting that Barack Obama has announced a new plan to give families a "stimulus" payment of $1000, paid for by oil company windfall profit taxes.

Anyone who tries to argue that this is not a socialist plan is just absurd. Exxon Mobil paid $32 Billion dollars in taxes in the last quarter alone. Is that not enough for the Prince of Hubris? He wants more of the money the oil companies legally earned, to give to people who did nothing to earn that money.

If you are planning to vote for Obama ask yourself this-if we allow him to take whatever he wants from "Big Oil" who is next? What reason do you have to believe he will stop there?

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sheldon said...

I'm tellin' you... The Dems and Obama are bad bad bad news. I've already said it but I'm saying it again.
Better start stockpiling food for the winter and buy lots of candles. Were gonna need it if Obama moves to Pennsylvania Ave..